Her Story

The crowning overachievement of 2016

Dr. Rebecca ConstantinoDr. Rebecca Constantino is truly an overachiever – a graduate Professor in language acquisition at the University of California, a mother of three, and the founder of Access Books. Access Books is a non-profit organization that refurbishes inner city school libraries and has provided over 2 million books to underserved libraries and children in the Los Angeles area. Given the indisputable linkage between literacy and future success, Rebecca is a dedicated champion for these children’s futures.

“She is a tireless (and uncompensated) worker who overcomes all obstacles to ensure that there is no discrimination in literacy. All children should have access to great books and a great library. Poverty should not be a factor in learning and becoming a reader.”

Thousands of qualified candidates applied for the grant and were carefully considered over the course of the review process. Rebecca’s unflagging dedication and commendable achievements embody what it means to be an overachiever.

Dr. Constantino has been awarded the $50,000 “G2 Overachiever’s Grant” for her tireless efforts that have helped rewrite the stories of these at-risk children by giving them the tools to help them overachieve in the future.

Our heartfelt congratulations and thanks go to the amazing Access Books volunteers and to their inspirational leader, Dr. Rebecca Constantino.